Larch Wood Parquet for exteriors, heat-treated


Larch wood flooring for exteriors, heat-treated

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Larch wood flooring for exteriors, heat-treated

What does heat-treated mean?

The idea is relatively simple: heat lumber to 200° C in a low-oxygen atmosphere to produce chemical and physical changes in the wood’s cellular structure. The heat treatment results in improved durability and increased dimensional stability. The improved stability allows for a superior flooring performance where minimizing movement is important.
This process uniforms the color in darker shades. It can be applied to woods used for exteriors, to make them stronger and increase their durability. Usually, heat-treated woods are used for outdoor flooring and railings, because they are less susceptible to moisture and water, the great enemies of wood.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 50 × 300 cm