About us

Let me introduce myself,
my name is Oscar Folegatti, wood craftsman, but not only this, I am dedicated to the discovery of materials and techniques, which allow me to realize and give value, with flooring and furnishing elements, the environments in which many of us spend a great deal of time in our life.

Our home is always one of our favorite places. We build up some of our most lasting and precious memories and emotions there.
I define as home a place made not only to spend the night, but to dream as well. A place where to raise a family with love, where to find shelter from the cold.
A home makes you feel welcome. This is why I decided to start from the bottom, from the flooring. Because that is what we touch first when entering our home.
But your working place is also your home! Many spend more time in their office than elsewhere … This is why many want to make their office a place where to feel home.

I am good at this! Because I start from the bottom to create the right environment.