Doussie Solid Wood Flooring


Doussie Solid Wood Flooring – also suitable for commercial spaces, smoked or knot finishing – Available measures: 10x60x300, 10x55x275, 10x50x25

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Doussie Solid Wood Flooring

Bring the warmth of Africa within the walls of your home. This wood species is very popular thanks to its very characteristic red shades and suggestive aesthetics, which give a warm, welcoming and very defined look to your floors. The doussiè solid wood flooring is dedicated to those who love design interiors and exotic atmospheres and do not want to make obvious choices.

In addition to the enveloping visual effect, Doussiè solid wood flooring is often chosen for its great stability and resistance: suitable for areas subject to frequent foot traffic, this type of wood is not afraid of shocks, it does not wear out easily, neither shows signs of aging. Thanks to its great hardness it is a child-friendly floor! Doussiè solid wood flooring is suitable for all areas of the house, but exposed to direct sunlight it tends to change color due to oxidation processes: therefore pay attention to where you install it!

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 60 × 300 cm